c2 consulting is focused on the sustainable implementation of „Operational Excellence”.

Management processes, Key Performance Indicator systems and the right operational methods are adapted at the specific requirements of our clients and integrated into the strategic business goals.

Training und coaching deliver the necessary self assurance to the client’s employees when using the new tools and are the base of a successful change management.

The analysis phase delivers a precise description of the realizable potential – as well as the description of the approach needed in order to realize the potential
The implementation phase actually delivers the results by implementing the appropriate measures that were determined during the analysis phase – and ensures the sustainability of the results
Essential is the intensive and mature integration of our customer’s employees just from the beginning
That’s the only way to ensure that the achieved results are taken over to the day to day business during the project


Helds a Ph.D in mathematics and graduaded in C.S. His professional career comprises 12 year in management consulting services – 7 as Vice President for a global top management consulting firm, 6 years as COO of a publically listed german top 500 company, 2 years as managing director of a logistic service provider. His areas of competence are supply chain management, logistics, material management and after market services.

knut.wolf [at] c2-consulting.de